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Flashback Friday: Panda Hat Fiesta!

on July 12, 2013

image (30)

This is a blast-to-past project that I had made for my little cousins a couple months ago. It was still cold out here and nothing beats a stylish hat, especially a panda hat!  These little hats were absolutely adorable! I did have to redo one of the hats as I didn’t get their little head sizes right but other than that they were pretty straight forward! The look me about 3-4 hours to make – depending on how many interruptions I got and if I could focus on one sitting 😉 I did have a little trouble sewing on the panda ears. I had them pinned but I still think they were a little off centered. As always, sewing is not a strong point for me 😛

image (33)

image (32)                                            image (31)

These little hats were addicting to make! I wanted to make more after I finished them and to do different animal faces 😛 With all different colors to chose from, you can make classic hats or use fun, bright colors – which is a spray of creativity that you can play with. I can see why so many crocheters out there love making hats 😉 I want to hear about your crochet hat experiences! Do you enjoying making them? What kind of creative spins have you done to a normal hat? Until next time, happy crocheting everyone!


One response to “Flashback Friday: Panda Hat Fiesta!

  1. Simply Knots says:

    My first special hat was Boots, and Dora came quickly after. If you want to see them, they’re on my Koffee Kitty page. I’ve made a kitty and a bear hat and quite a few more, but they’re not released yet. 😉 I’m loving it so much! I want to make something more than hats though, so after I finish the two I’m working on, I’ll get to that.

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