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I Love Yarn Day!

on October 12, 2013


Happy “I Love Yarn” Day everyone!  What an awesome day to show off our yarn pride 🙂 I love yarn so much that everyone in my family is getting something crocheted for Chirstmas this year! Woot woot!

Now I don’t mean like blankets for all (can you imagine all the time? I should have started in May!) I’m thinking something small and useful. You guys know me, instant gratification projects!

I have recently read a few articles on how to be selective and careful of what you make and give to others during the holiday season. It is heartbreaking to see your time and effort pushed aside. So my crochet list for Christmas is only for my immediate family and hopefully they’ll enjoy what I make!

So currently I’m working on a chevron blanket for my mom. She’s been mentioning that the weather’s been getting colder and she was looking to get some cozy throws for their den area. So I thought what the heck, I can suck it up and make one big project by Christmas 😀 I found a really simple chevron pattern for a baby blanket online and I adjusted it so it was more adult sized. I really love the colors and I’m super excited to see the final outcome!


Some other Christmas gifts I had in mind were slippers for my sisters 🙂 I found the cutest bunny slippers online that I’m so excited to try. I’ll definitely post up on how they turn out when I get working on them. Another idea I had were cup/mug cozies. I’ve been noticing on Instagram and Pinterest of many neat designs of mug cozies that are absolutely adorable and trendy.

Now the guys in the family are harder to figure out. Besides the usual scarves and beanies, I’ve been kind of stumped on gift ideas for them. Let me know if you guys have any cool guy gift ideas!

Have you guys started crocheting for Christmas? Let me know what you guys are making! I love hearing new ideas 🙂 Happy crocheting!


2 responses to “I Love Yarn Day!

  1. Yes I have! I’m crocheting a cowl for my mother-in-law and I’m thinking about some gloves too and maybe a scarf or gloves for her husband.
    I’m making lots of cute animals and creatures for my kids and some close friends too. So quite busy! I’m almost halfway through the cowl though ^.^

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