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Crocheting to Christmas: DIY Greeting Cards

on November 9, 2013

image (77)

Hi! Welcome to the first post of  the Crocheting to Christmas series!

I am a huge fan of unique and creative Christmas cards. I love looking at them at the mall and I never really end up buying them because they can get so pricey. I really like the homemade touch on cards so I thought I would give it a shot. I have seen some of the scrapbooking cards and WOW they look amazing – it just so happens that I have no scrapbooking ability. 😉 I thought since I love yarn so much I’ll do my own cards with a yarn/crochet spin.

There are loads of DIY ideas on the internet and especially on Pinterest. I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest ideas and thought of ways to add some yarn to the fun. Here’s what I came up with:

image (70)

image (78)DSC_0847[1]

Aren’t they awesome?

For the Christmas present and wreath cards, I just glued single strands of yarn to embellish my cards. I found that if I crocheted a single chain and then made it into a bow, it would be too bulky.  So I ended up just sticking with just a single strand.

On the 2 Christmas tree cards, I just crocheted a long chain and I glued it in squiggles to make my tree shape. I saw a few different tree motif patterns online and I tried a few. I just thought the tree motif looked really thick on the card and some of my trees ended up not looking  like trees 😛 By using crochet chains it was much quicker to do and it saved yarn.

Lastly, on my bunny card, I just crocheted a row of HDC for each pieces of the scarf and it was enough to look pretty cool.

image (73)

I wanted these cards to be budget friendly and they totally ended up being so. I found a pack of plain note cards for $4.99 which had 25 cards – definitely enough for my close family and friends! I even lucked out and found some christmas-y stampers that were between $1.50-8.oo. I thought they would be a Christmas investment and bought a few to spice up my cards. The yarn I used was all from my scrap balls and I thought it looked really neat with all the different colors. The little pom poms I used as tree ornaments and the buttons for the wreath were both in packs for a dollar.  Lastly, I had glue and some colored construction paper at home. That’s all the materials I used! So really, depending on your budget, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on materials. All you need is a little imagination, inspiration, and creativity! 🙂

Let me know if you tried your own DIY yarn/crochet cards!

I just wanted to let you know that I have recently moved my blog to pocketfulofyarn.com. Hope you’ll continue to join me on my crochet journey! Thanks!


2 responses to “Crocheting to Christmas: DIY Greeting Cards

  1. Really great ideas here, thank you!

  2. My favourites are the one with the rabbit, and the one with the green christmas tree! Trying to make my own christmas cards too (but I can’t crochet), so research and curiosity brought me to your page. Great ideas!

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