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Birthday Awesomeness

DSC_0263   DSC_0220

As a kid, I never had themed birthday parties – I guess it was something us kids never really cared for them. So when my hubby and siblings planned a super themed Hello Kitty birthday party for my birthday, it was very special! I had Hello Kitty plates, cups, table cloth, cake, candles, plushes, and best of all, massive helium balloons! 😀 That helium Hello Kitty stands up to my chest and basically the coolest thing ever. I can see now why kids love themed parties 😉


Besides having a super themed party, my hubby got me the Clover Amour crochet hooks I have been oogling over. They are so pretty!! I really enjoy the grips on the hooks and I have already used all of them on swatches already. The little carrying case is bright and fun – a must have since I misplace hooks frequently. I definitely recommend these crochet hooks and they are well worth their price 🙂 I just can’t wait to get started on some new projects so I can start breaking them all in!

DSC_0299    DSC_0300

Until next time, happy crocheting!!


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! I am so blessed to have both my daddy and my father-in-law in my life. Father’s day is so special and I hope all the dad’s feel cherished today (and everyday!)

My daddy has always been there for me and has the biggest heart. He is an amazing servant leader and has taught me so much. He’s smart, funny, and so easy to talk to. I can tell my dad almost anything and I know he’ll be there to listen. I remember when I was a student nurse and I had a really rough day as one of my patient’s was really sick and ended up passing on my shift. I called home and my dad was just the person I needed to talk to. Whenever I had issues with my car, my computer, my house – my dad has always been there to help me. I appreciate him ever so much!


Even through the tears and arguments, my daddy is still the absolute best (and yes, as you get older you realize how right your parents are 😉 I hope this Father’s day my daddy knows how special he is to me and my family! Love you dad!!

I also have an amazing father in law (I never call him that , it sounds so weird!) He is so chill and cool that I had no problem calling him dad after hubs and I got married. He’s always offering to help, he sticks up for me, and he treats me like family. Can’t ask for a better father in law than that!

For this year’s Father’s day I wanted to make them both something special. It just so happened that both dad’s love the game of golf. I searched on Ravelry for golf related patterns and found an awesome pattern from Caron Yarns for golf club covers. I absolutely had to make them for my dads 😀

So for my father in law I crocheted him 3 color golf covers.

image (62)     image (58)

And for my daddy I’ve decided to design my own cover. I haven’t quite finished it but he likes panda’s a lot so I’m making him panda covers for fun. My dad is a huge kid at heart so I know he’ll love them! I’ll post about them when I get my pattern all sorted 😛

So today I had to work in the morning so I was unable to go for brunch with my hubby’s family, but I was able to have my family over for a BBQ after work. Along with my family, my aunt, uncle, and grandpa were also able to come and hang out with us. It was a blast and the food was great 🙂 Nothing beats time with the ones you love!  I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s day!

What did you guys do for father’s day? Let me know! Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Weekend Project: Baby Sailor Boots

So my hubby’s cousin is in town and she recently had a little boy. Her little bundle of joy is absolutely the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen! I wanted to make something special for the little guy so I searched high and low for something to crochet. I have never made anything for babies so this was a first! After scouring Ravelry, I found the most adorable sailor boots by Two Girls Patterns and had to give them a try. This is how it went: 🙂

image (3)        image (5)

image (4)

They are just so cute!!! I picked to make the bigger size because I know babies just grow so fast. Hopefully baby will have a couple wears out of these booties. I was so glad they fit as he is a big boy! Would I try making booties again? Heck yes! I really enjoyed the challenge and they are just so adorable to not make 😉

Have you guys tried making baby shoes before? Let me know you’re experience 🙂 Happy crocheting! Cheers!

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Belated Mother’s Day


With the whirlwind of activity in our household, my family decided it was best to celebrate Mother’s Day a week later. I am so thankful for my mom, she really is the best mom I could ever wish for. Since I’ve moved out and gotten married, my mom has become my closest friend. I cherish her with all my heart and am so proud to call her mom!


When my sister and I were young we would complain at times that we were so bored. My mom would give us some scrap yarn and plastic needles and teach us how to knit. After tears and some tantrums, I conquered the knit stitch and could knit perpetual, never ending scarves. We would make skirts and dresses for our dolls, scarves and blankets for our stuff animals. As I hit about the age of 12, my mom taught me how to crochet. She would always start the foundation chain and I would make circles of single crochet. Pretty much after hitting high school, I totally forgot about the yarn arts (too busy hanging out with friends and oogling boys ;)) Since I have recently rediscovered yarn, I’ve been totally obsessed! Whenever I make something new, I always show my mom 🙂 She really is my biggest fan and keeps encouraging me to do more 🙂 I thank God so much and I am so blessed! Love you Mommy!! :D:D

image (1)

image (2)

My mommy recently knitted me a beautiful ruffle scarf that I just had to show off!  😀 I learn so much from her! I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day and showed the mom’s out there lots of love!

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