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Project Storage & Organization

This is a topic that I’m pretty interested in, I’m always wondering if I’m keeping my projects clean – I think it’s the nurse in me 😉 I have a puppy at home so I’m extra careful to keep my projects free from dog hair and to tuck away so my little guy doesn’t find my project as a new chew toy.

image (64)

Using reusable bags from clothing stores is super planet friendly and they definitely can fit larger WIPs. When I was making my grandma’s afghan, I had it in a large lululemon bag and hauled it around making it. Definitely an excellent way to store large projects. I think even a clean reusable grocery tote would work awesome as a storage bag, esp for those big big blankets 🙂

Currently I keep all my projects separated and stored in ziploc bags. I find them to be super handy since they are clear and I can jot notes on the bag with a sharpie as reminders. It’s also handy that ziploc bags come in so many different sizes and are affordable. The projects that I have been working on haven’t been large projects so they all fit within a freezer bag. I also like to carry my projects around, so whether I’m going to work or my parent’s house, having my project in a ziploc bag makes it super portable (I’m not sure if I really want to lug a plastic container around – even if it is shoebox size).  I usually just tuck a copy of the pattern in the zip lock bag, mark my last stitch with a bobby pin (I have way too many) and make sure to note where I left off in the pattern and what hook I used. And it’s stored!

image (43)

image (6)

image (57)

Here’s an example of how I post all my notes on the ziploc bag as a reminder. I also write it in my notebooks just in case I have to throw the ziploc away 😛

As for organization, it’s pretty messy currently. So far I have all my ziploc projects in a laundry basket and my yarn is pretty much in multiple bags. My hubby bugging me about getting a shelf  so I can display all my yarn and have my projects in one area. We found a cute shelving unit from Ikea and we’ll probably pick it up the next time we head out there.


I don’t have a craft room or area, so I think this shelf is going to be so awesome! I cannot wait to organize my projects and yarn stash 🙂

So how do you guys store your projects? I’m always curious to know how others store and organize, so let me know! 🙂 Until next time, happy crocheting!


World Wide Knit In Public Day


This past week is World Wide Knit in Public and yes, yarn arts pride! Crochet and knit groups all over are participating and posting pictures of knitting/crocheting in public. I really wanted to enjoy the sunshine and crochet outdoors but it’s been gloomy and rainy here all week. So my crochet in public week included me crocheting on the bus, in the library, and briefly in my backyard when we had a little bit of sunshine.

Thank goodness I wasn’t working in a large project, I just had my little bag with me and whipped out my WIP when I had a chance. It definitely stimulated interest from others which was pretty cool! I hope it got some people interested and inspired to make something themselves 😀

Here’s some pictures of the places I crocheted at:

image (59)

I love hanging out on my deck and crocheting 🙂 I overlook a ring road and it’s so calming to hear the cars going by. Not to mention catching some rays with my project!

image (61)

This is me crocheting at our local library. I’ve seen a group of ladies here before knitting and crocheting, so I know these chairs are super comfy. Not to mention free access at lots of crochet books and magazines to look at! Double plus!

image (60)

This is proof of our rainy week. Pouring most of the time. Hence me being inside snuggled in an armchair working on my project 😀

That’s all for now! I’d love to hear about how you participated in World Wide Knit in Public week. Until next time, happy crocheting!


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! I am so blessed to have both my daddy and my father-in-law in my life. Father’s day is so special and I hope all the dad’s feel cherished today (and everyday!)

My daddy has always been there for me and has the biggest heart. He is an amazing servant leader and has taught me so much. He’s smart, funny, and so easy to talk to. I can tell my dad almost anything and I know he’ll be there to listen. I remember when I was a student nurse and I had a really rough day as one of my patient’s was really sick and ended up passing on my shift. I called home and my dad was just the person I needed to talk to. Whenever I had issues with my car, my computer, my house – my dad has always been there to help me. I appreciate him ever so much!


Even through the tears and arguments, my daddy is still the absolute best (and yes, as you get older you realize how right your parents are 😉 I hope this Father’s day my daddy knows how special he is to me and my family! Love you dad!!

I also have an amazing father in law (I never call him that , it sounds so weird!) He is so chill and cool that I had no problem calling him dad after hubs and I got married. He’s always offering to help, he sticks up for me, and he treats me like family. Can’t ask for a better father in law than that!

For this year’s Father’s day I wanted to make them both something special. It just so happened that both dad’s love the game of golf. I searched on Ravelry for golf related patterns and found an awesome pattern from Caron Yarns for golf club covers. I absolutely had to make them for my dads 😀

So for my father in law I crocheted him 3 color golf covers.

image (62)     image (58)

And for my daddy I’ve decided to design my own cover. I haven’t quite finished it but he likes panda’s a lot so I’m making him panda covers for fun. My dad is a huge kid at heart so I know he’ll love them! I’ll post about them when I get my pattern all sorted 😛

So today I had to work in the morning so I was unable to go for brunch with my hubby’s family, but I was able to have my family over for a BBQ after work. Along with my family, my aunt, uncle, and grandpa were also able to come and hang out with us. It was a blast and the food was great 🙂 Nothing beats time with the ones you love!  I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s day!

What did you guys do for father’s day? Let me know! Until next time, happy crocheting!

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image (24)

I love bows! I think they are so adorable 🙂 And since they have been popping up everywhere, I decided to attempt a few. They are super easy to make and there are tons of tutorials up online. I just kind of came up with mine while watching Modern Family (I LOVE that show!) Since I don’t have any kids to dress up yet, I decided that my little furbaby Milo would be my model. I don’t think he enjoyed it too much 😉 Esp when I put the bow by his ear and made him look like a girl puppy – too cute!

image (25)

image (26)

What a handsome chap! 😀

I picked up some sturdy hair ties from Sally’s and I’m planning to attach some bows onto them. I love the idea of having a big bow around a bun or straight up ponytail. I think they make lovely hair accessories, not to mention adorable little gifts 🙂

Until next time, happy crocheting!


The Beginning of an Obsession…


All obsessions have interesting stories of how they came to be. My current obsession with crochet began when I would work evening shift and watch my coworkers crochet on break. They were making all this neat stuff like blankets and dish cloths that I couldn’t help but be fascinated. One of my lovely coworkers offered to help me learn, so we had a crochet date on one of our off days. Besides good company and food, we worked on making a simple dish cloth (I mean who couldn’t use another one right?) It was the perfect project for a beginner learning to single crochet and read simple patterns.

Of course my tension was horrible and my stitches were super tight. I had to unravel my work multiple times but in the end, I did finish it! I still have that dishcloth as a soaker underneath my water pitcher 😉

image (37)       image (36)

My dish cloth is the tighter and smaller rainbow colored one 😉 Not bad for a first timer 😛 My friend’s dishcloth looked awesome! What is your story on how you got ‘hooked’ into crochet? I’d love to hear! Happy crocheting 🙂

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Spiral Yoga Bag

I love pretty yoga bags! I was surfing around on Pinterest and saw an adorable yoga bag from Flying Toothbrush‘s blog that I had to try. I had actually attempted this beautiful spiral yoga bag before I designed the yoga bag for my sister in law in my Project Yoga Bag post. The spiral ladder in this pattern really makes the bag pop against your yoga mat. It’s fun and very unique! My only issue with it is that it’s hard to pull on your mat. For me, once yoga class is done I want to quickly slip my mat into my bag and head on out. With this spiral bag I found I spend some time struggling to put my mat in. Other than that, this bag is awesome and I would totally recommend testing it out. Really it’s just me being picky about efficiency on putting the bag in 😉 To be honest, it was a quick project that I would totally make again!

Here are some picture’s of how it went!

image (23)    image (22)

image (20)   image (21)

Voila! A beautiful spiral yoga mat bag! I hope this inspires to try it out 🙂 Happy crocheting!

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Crochet Owl Mayhem

image (52)

3 weeks ago, I had posted about my first ever crochet order and yes, TIS COMPLETED!! A total of 30 amigurumi owls made from A Morning Cup Of Jo Creations pattern were created to spread the crochet love around. Time management was definitely a factor as I made a crochet project calender for myself and I marked how many owls I needed to make per day to make my deadline. Usually it was about an owl a day but there were some days I was out of town or had things planned that I would organize my schedule to have rest days 🙂 Rest/break days are good and a must! Sometimes when you are making so many of one thing it can get quite tedious. As for me, I am so easily distracted by other projects and ideas that I really need to have a break days to keep focused.

My sister was so wonderful in helping me with the most grueling part – making the eyes and assembling the cute little owl faces. As these little owls are gifts to her friends, I was so happy to have help and to share some sister time with her 😀 So here is our picture journey from start to finish on how all these owls came about!

               image (44)               image (45)

Crocheting the little guys was the easy part! I found all my scrap yarn in bright colors and went at it. It was handy to use up all my leftover yarn – this is a perfect project if you want to get rid of your scraps! It sure cleaned up all the little balls in my yarn stash 🙂 As for filling the owls, I had gotten a huge bag of polyfil from Michaels with a discount coupon and they poofed these little guys out nicely. It was definitely better than the first amigurmui owl I ever made – I didn’t have any polyfil so I stuffed the owl with tissues 😛 Worked the same but kind of lumpy 😉

image (46)

Owl pie anyone? I had a pie dish and I couldn’t resist stacking the faceless owls in it!

image (47)                                  image (49)

I am obsessed with zip lock bags! They are so handy for storing any small project and I love how they keep every sealed and clean. Not to mention that you can see through it and admire all your pretty work so far! 😉 I packed up all the owls and headed to my parents house for the final trek for the project – ASSEMBLE OWL FACE TIME!  My sister and I found that tracing a sewing bobbin was the perfect circle size for the owl eyes. So with each a bobbin, we traced a total of 60 eyes! And then cut them all out…. I thought it would take forever, but with the 2 of us working on it, it took like 15 mins 😛

image (50)                                   image (51)

From soulless owls to OWLS WITH SOULS! 😀 Aren’t they the cutest??

image (54)                     image (53)

Here’s my beautiful sister with her zip lock bag full of amigurumi owls!!!! I honestly had SO much fun doing this and it was even “more” fun that I got to hang out with my sister and make them together! Woot woot on sister bonding time! That’s all for now! Happy crocheting everyone!


Mission Complete: Crochet Bikini Top

image (41)

Previously I had posted about my WIP crochet bikini top and guess what? It’s finished!! 😀 I had to remake the top after my first attempt as I realized what the pattern had deemed a “B Cup” was way too big. So I remade the top and it was so much easier going the second time. I also made the strings a bit longer as it is just nicer to have more leeway to adjust how you tie the top.

I’m a little disappointed that the crochet bikini top had no matching bottom pattern. I have never made bottoms so it was difficult to make up a pattern. I’ve definitely scoped out patterns and ideas on Ravelry and Pinterest, so making bottoms is on my to do project list 🙂

My wonderful friend Ann was so nice to model the bikini top for me and gosh it looked great! Ann is currently training for a bikini competition and brought my top along to her photoshoot. Sure makes you proud when something you made gets modeled in! Definitely gives me confidence to tackle another bikini project for the summer 🙂 Thanks so much to Ann and her bf James for modelling and taking such awesome pictures ❤ Happy crocheting everyone!

image                                         image (42)


Weekend Project: Baby Sailor Boots

So my hubby’s cousin is in town and she recently had a little boy. Her little bundle of joy is absolutely the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen! I wanted to make something special for the little guy so I searched high and low for something to crochet. I have never made anything for babies so this was a first! After scouring Ravelry, I found the most adorable sailor boots by Two Girls Patterns and had to give them a try. This is how it went: 🙂

image (3)        image (5)

image (4)

They are just so cute!!! I picked to make the bigger size because I know babies just grow so fast. Hopefully baby will have a couple wears out of these booties. I was so glad they fit as he is a big boy! Would I try making booties again? Heck yes! I really enjoyed the challenge and they are just so adorable to not make 😉

Have you guys tried making baby shoes before? Let me know you’re experience 🙂 Happy crocheting! Cheers!

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Belated Mother’s Day


With the whirlwind of activity in our household, my family decided it was best to celebrate Mother’s Day a week later. I am so thankful for my mom, she really is the best mom I could ever wish for. Since I’ve moved out and gotten married, my mom has become my closest friend. I cherish her with all my heart and am so proud to call her mom!


When my sister and I were young we would complain at times that we were so bored. My mom would give us some scrap yarn and plastic needles and teach us how to knit. After tears and some tantrums, I conquered the knit stitch and could knit perpetual, never ending scarves. We would make skirts and dresses for our dolls, scarves and blankets for our stuff animals. As I hit about the age of 12, my mom taught me how to crochet. She would always start the foundation chain and I would make circles of single crochet. Pretty much after hitting high school, I totally forgot about the yarn arts (too busy hanging out with friends and oogling boys ;)) Since I have recently rediscovered yarn, I’ve been totally obsessed! Whenever I make something new, I always show my mom 🙂 She really is my biggest fan and keeps encouraging me to do more 🙂 I thank God so much and I am so blessed! Love you Mommy!! :D:D

image (1)

image (2)

My mommy recently knitted me a beautiful ruffle scarf that I just had to show off!  😀 I learn so much from her! I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day and showed the mom’s out there lots of love!

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